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Ambassador Manager App for Wix

There are many avenues for marketing and each one of them is as important as the other. Social media, press and blog articles and interviews are all really important for building your online presence. You can purchase some great marketing and advertising Wix apps in your website store and one of the best ‘Ambassador Manager app”. This is an excellent app when working with brand ambassadors. Getting some brand ambassadors on board to work with you and your product is an excellent marketing idea. They will often have a great online presence and will share images of your product all over their social media pages which can help create a brilliant online presence for you. It is important to think of many different avenues for creating brand awareness of your product. Getting some ambassadors to work with you has a proven record of expanding your reach among a wider network. Ambassador Manager always you to manage your list of Brand Ambassadors and is a great tool in organizing and planning your marketing strategy with your ambassadors.

Here is how the app works

In your app you can see who has applied to become an ambassador through your Wix forms. You can accept them with one click and then create a unique promo code for them to post on their social medias. You can change the default email. You have full control of how much of a discount they get on their promo code. They are emailed every time their promo code is used. You also decide how many promo codes of theirs are used before you send them a gift card, and also how much is on the gift card. Once they receive the gift card, the app resets their figures. This is an amazing app for creating a platform of working with ambassadors. Very easy to use and incredibly useful!

This article talks about affiliate marketing, brand ambassadors, Wix apps, brand awareness, brand recognition.

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