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Best Wix Apps for 2022

You have created your website and built an online store, it took you a lot of time to develop your brand, your product look great, the site looks amazing and you are ready to go! All you need now are customers. Here comes the important part-marketing. You need to find interesting ways to improve your ranking, get your name out there and really boost your website. There are many apps out there that can help you with marketing your site and some are better than others. We have compiled a list of the top 5 best apps for Wix in 2021 that will really help you in your marketing and sales.

1. Ambassador Manager app

This is our favorite app for marketing Wix sites and it is really powerful in the way it utilities the skills of brand ambassadors. In this modern digital world of social media influencers and content creators, brand ambassadors are a really important addition to your marketing plan. When you get some excellent ambassadors with strong social media reach on your side, they will help enhance your promotional power and sales. They take pictures of themselves with your product and post them on their socials. Some of these ambassadors can have hundreds of thousands of followers if not more. They also can post discount promo codes of your brand, which means more sales as everyone loves a good bargain. When your product is being seen by hundreds of thousands people online who are connected with these ambassadors, you will soon get more customers. Brand ambassadors are one of the most important connections you can have to grow your business. This app really assists in gathering and managing your brand ambassadors. In your app you can see who has applied to become an ambassador through your Wix forms. You can accept them with one click and then create a unique promo code for them to post on their social medias. You can change the default email. You have full control of how much of a discount they get on their promo code. They are emailed every time their promo code is used. You also decide how many promo codes of theirs are used before you send them a gift card, and also how much is on the gift card. Once they receive the gift card, the app resets their figures. This is an amazing app for creating a platform of working with ambassadors. Very easy to use and incredibly useful!

2. Visitor Analytics

This is a very useful app for studying and tracking your sites visitor analytics. You can see what posts and sections of your shop and site are getting the most traffic. It shows you a very detailed list of the site engagement and interactions. You can track what country each engagement is coming from and for how long. This app is very easy to use and is a fantastic tool for constantly evaluating your sites engagement and productivity.

3. Tidio

Brilliant app for instant communication. It generates a live chat box on your website so you can communicate with potential customers immediately. Sometimes they ability for immediate communication will make your sale. You can also see on this app who is currently browsing your website right now and it provides you with their browser and location information when enabled, which is a great tool for gaging your current marketing power, as you can see what countries and locations are on your site. The ability for immediate chat is a great sales potential!

4. Elfsight

This is a fantastic tool for creating widgets and forms on your site. You can add widgets for your social media pages. This is a fantastic strategy for potential customers as they will always trust your product more when they can see its social media channels and look at the engagements. Its important to work on keeping your social media engagements high when displaying them on your site. This app also lets you build a testimonial slider. This is a brilliant tool for increasing customer trust.

5. Quickbooks

This app is a wonderful accounting system and is very useful for keeping track of your sales and profiles. It tracks your outgoings and incoming, based on what you have for sale in your shop. It allows you to create multiple invoices automatically, based on the information it has been gathering during each calendar month or week. This app certainly makes your accounting easier!

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