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Marketing your Wix Site

So you have built your Wix site and you have your web store built on it, got some stunning shots of your products taken and posted. Now you need to start thinking of marketing. They say the three important parts of advertising is that people must know about your product, then they must REALLY know about your product and third, they must REALLY REALLY know about your product.

Best way to do it is to start up some media pages if you don’t have them already and get posting interesting content. It's advisable to maintain a routine of posting engaging content regularly to keep your network engaged. This will help create and maintain your brand awareness. Social media is a power tool for creating brand recognition.

There is however, only so much that you can do alone and it is a good idea to start thinking about ways of involving other people in your marketing tactics. A great line of advertising to think about is affiliate marketing. This really works well and will expand your reach endlessly as you are working with other brand ambassadors who are taking samples of your product and post images of them with it online and also can do great things like share promotional deals for your product. Some of these ambassadors have a massive reach of hundreds and thousands of followers online. The key to a successful marketing campaign is getting your product seen everywhere. It can of course be difficult to keep track of all your ambassadors and that’s where it is useful to get an app for your Wix website that will assist you in the task of organizing your brand ambassadors.

Ambassador Manager App is a wonderful tool for doing just that and can be found in your Wix app store.

Here is how the app works

In your app you can see who has applied to become an ambassador through your Wix forms. You can accept them with one click and then create a unique promo code for them to post on their social medias. You can change the default email. You have full control of how much of a discount they get on their promo code. They are emailed every time their promo code is used. You also decide how many promo codes of theirs are used before you send them a gift card, and also how much is on the gift card. Once they receive the gift card, the app resets their figures. This is an amazing app for creating a platform of working with ambassadors. Very easy to use and incredibly useful!

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